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Foggy View of Baker Beach 2(1 of 1)
Aquarium At Christmas
Big Dipper and Crab Boats At Shore Acres
Big Dippper At Siltcoos Outlet (1 of 1)
Bridge HDR
Bridge HDR pano
Bridge HDR panosolarized
Some creative license taken here in editing!
Curious Blue Heron
Dawn From the Crab Dock
Fire In the Sky
Fishing Pier Dawn
Foggy Woahink Dawn
Glass Sculpture On the Beach (1 of 1)
Grouchy Hunkered Down Heron
I was looking out the window while at the gallery and saw this heron. To me he looked very grouchy
Ice Crystals
Icicle Falls
Lighthouse At Christmas Time In Fog (1 of 1)
Lily Lake In Fog
Marina As the Sun Goes Down (1 of 1)
Misty Sunrise Over the Ocean
New Moon and Stars Reflected At Siltcoos Outlet (1 of 1)
-Oh My- AT Siltcoos Outlet (1 of 1)
Shore Acres Stars
Shore Acres Stars Vertical
Siltcoos Outlet Stars, Venus and New Moon (1 of 1)
Siltcoos Outlet Stars, Venus and New Moon Vertical (1 of 1)
Subtle Sunset At Siltcoos Outlet (1 of 1)
Sun Hits the Dunes At Cleawox (1 of 1)
Sunrise At Siltcoos Pier
Sunset From the Driveway
Twilight Becomes Dawn
Twilight Bridge Long Exposure (1 of 1)
Walking Into the Sunrise At Sutton Lake (1 of 1)
Winter Light AT Sweet Creek Falls (1 of 1)
Winter Wonderland Black and Whiteflipped (1 of 1)
Yachats Shore Line \
Yachats Shore Line 2\
Yachats Surf \
Venus and New Moon at Siltcoos Outlet
What a beautiful night it was complete with reflections of the stars.
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