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It Takes a Worried Dog
At the time, I thought she was worried re the big winds and power outage but a couple of days later, when she was really seeming puny and we took her to the emergency vet, it turned out she had salmon poisoning. Thankfully she is mostly back to her normal self today
Keeping Watch
Blue heron on the Siuslaw River
Least Sandpiper
An unexpected visitor to the South Jetty trail
Least Sandpiper Pair
Unexpected visitors to the South Jetty trail
Let There Be Light
On the Cummins Creek trail after days of rain
Light on the Dunes
This time of year sure makes me appreciate light
Milky Way at Thor's Well
Went out on a clear night
Moon Glow in the Fog
I just thought it was pretty
More Rays
On Cummins Creek trail
Northwestern Salamander
It is about 10" long!
Para Glider
I was looking for birds to shoot and this was all I found
Pearl Crossing the Stream
Enchanted valley trail
Pond Reflections
South Jetty trail
Power Outage
We had huge winds and 26 hours without power
Rays After Days of Rain
Salmon at Christmas
A sculpture down on Bay St
Sand Patterns
Washburne Beach
Sap Is Rising
I was amazed by how red the flowering currant branches are becoming
She Is Back To Exploring
First day that Pearl began to feel herself after salmon poisoning
Shooting the Rays
My friend Christine and Black Pearl and Abby
Stars and Clouds at the Outlet
I was hoping for clear stars but ended up really liking the clouds just after sunset
The Waves Come In and Go Out
I got down into a squat for this shot and thankfully managed to get up and out of the way before the next wave
Tree with Character
One of the gnarly trees on the South Jetty trail
Under the Bridge
A rainy day photo taken from under cover
We've had so much rain that our little stream has waterfalls in it
Winter Colors
It's amazing to me how much color there is even at this time of year with heavy overcast skies
Winter Grass
Playing with depth of field
Winter Towee
We haven't had this visitor to our feeder in the winder before. He was easily spooked so I shot through the window
Yellow Rumped Wabler
On the South Jetty trail. I think he is a beauty
Northern Shrike
This is a new bird for me. His hooked beak was a hint that he is a predator even though he is really tiny
Black and White Sand Patterns
I can't resist shooting the different paintings that the streams coming on to the sand make at the beach
Blue Heron on a Log
From a very long ways away!
Beach treasures
Cape Creek Bridge
Popping out to the fog
Driveway Sunset
I was driving home from picking my car up at the mechanics when I saw this from our driveway
Elk in the Rain
A visitor in our yard
Ferns Growing on Tree
Such beauty around us
Way up high in a tree below our garden from too far away for agood shot
Gnarly Trees
On the China Creek trail
Hanging Drops
Enchanted Valley trail
Hidden in the Trees
The pavilion through the trees
Holman Overlook Dawn
Subtle color but soft
Hummer Ready for Take Off
Ice Patterns
We got some ice on Jim's pond
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