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We are so proud of you Aiden
Aiden Next In Line
We are so proud of you Aiden
Rufous hummers at the feeder
Beautiful Z
She is a beauty for sure
Breeding Plumage
Black Necked Swan in Salisbury zoo
Prairie dogs in Salisbury Zoo
In Sol's garden
Father and Son
We are so proud of you Aiden
Full house at last
Macro at home
Fly On Chive Flower
Macro at home
Fly Readying for Take Off
Macro at home
One of the treats at the wild horse preserve
Getting Some Rest
Never seen a baby canadian goose lying on mom's back before. Seen in salisbury
Good Friends
We are so proud of you Aiden
Grazing At Water's Edge
Taken at wild horse reserve in Md
Hoverfly In Chive Flower
Macro at home
I had a lot of fun at the brick pond in Barringto, RI, but the sky was overcast and boring so I added textures
AT the Brick Pond in Barrington, RI
I've Got This Itch
At the wild horse reserve in Md
Taken in Salisbury, Md
Look Both Ways
On the bike path in Barrington, RI
Lucy Straight On
What a beauty!
Lucy V2
What a beauty!
Male Cardinal with Dinner
Next to Sol and Monica's house in Barrington, RI
Taken from a long distance at Brick Pond
In Portland before we flew out to the East Coast
New Graduate B and W
On Sol and Monica's deck just before the ceremony
New Graduate
On Sol and Monica's deck just before the ceremony
It took me three days of watching him at the Brick Pond in Barrington, RI, before I finally caught him. The background was horrid so I replaced it
Osprey Pair Flying Together
I had a lot of fun at the brick pond in Barringto, RI, but the sky was overcast and boring so I added textures
Osprey Tryptic
X rated
In Salisbury, Md
In Portland while we were there for Terry's surgery
In Portland while we were there for Terry's surgery
In Portland while we were there for Terry's surgery
In zoo in Salisbury, Md
A rare sunset on the Oregon Coast during the year of the rain
A rare sunset on the Oregon Coast during the year of the rain
A rare sunset on the Oregon Coast during the year of the rain
Snake In the Garage
This showed up under my car! Pearl barked at it
Sparrow Singing
In Waldport
At home
Sun Rays At Marina
After celebratory dinner for Aiden in RI
Taken while in Portland for Terry's recheck
I loved the wonderful light on them. Taken in salisbury Md
It seemed like it took forever for us to have the rufous hummers arrive, but they are here now in droves
Unplanned Selfie
Taken at dinner with the three girls the night before getting Terry's good report
We found a couple of wonderful new hikes for Perl
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