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Bede in Silhouette
Sea Lion Sunning in the Surf
Saegulls Flying at Cape Arago Lighthouse
Pelican Stretching His Pouch
Pelicans Feeding at Pacific City
Pelican Enjoying Anchovy Feast
Blue Heron Putting on Brakes)
Dory Taking Off at Sunrise
Full Moon Reflections at Haystack Rock
Big Bubble at Sunset
Surfer Viewing the Surf
Bee Slurp
River Curving Below Pacific City Reserve
Dandelion in Black and White
Sea Lion At Play
Newport Marina Reflections
Looking South At Dawn from Cape Perpetua
Chihuly Glass 5
Bird Conversation in Chihluy Glass Gardens
Yoga At Chihuly Garden
Chihuly Glass Garden
Space Needle Framed By Chihuly Glass
Chihuly Glass 4
Chihuly Glass 3
Chihuly Glass 2
Chihuly Glass 1
Sun Rays at Heceta Lighthouse Park
Fog Lifting at Heceta Lighthouse Park
Looking South As the Sun Bursts Through Fog
Heceta Lighthouse in Fog
Milky Way at Holman Overlook
Light Falls Through Cedars
Magical Mushrooms
Blue Heron Waiting
White Egret Reflected
White Egret Flying at Dog Pond
White Egret Strutting His Stuff at Breakfast
Dawn at the Marina
Boat Rushing Under the Bridge at Dawn
Splash in Yachats
Water Crown in Yachats
Where Our Friends Live

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