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A_Bit_of_Christmas_Silliness (Just for fun)
Aren_t_I_Just_As_Handsome_As_They_Com? (I'm not sure I've ever seen such a beautiful Annas hummingbird before)
As_Evening_Falls_ (On the way home from shooting at Shore Acres)
Baby_Giraffe_Herding_Canadian_Geese_ (From Wildlife Safari)
Baby_with_a_Mission_ (It was amazing to watch the amazing effort the baby sea turtles made to get to the ocean)
Basil_ (In La Paz)
Big_Surf_at_Shore_Acres_B_and_W (We had several high surfs during December and January)
Black_and_White_South_View (Marvelous clouds)
Bouganvillea_and_Cactus_ (Jim and I drove by this several times as we drove between our air B and B and Todos santos. Finally I got him to stop so I could take the photo)
Bridge At Christmas (This bridge never stops making me happy)
Bridge_Framed_At_Christmas_ (Our camera club had a bit of a photoshoot at Bay Street)
Building_In_the_Sand_ (Memories of sunshine)
Coyote_with_Fish_ (I was looking for a coyote shot from last year's trip to Yellowstone to use for Lucy's Christmas card and found that one of the coyotes I had photographed had a fish in her mouth. I was happy to discover it!)
Discussing_the_Baby_Sea_Turtles (Maura and Ysidro)
Entry_Way (Taken on a walk around Todos Santos)
Fancy_Hotel_at_Cerritos_Beach (The sun set as we were waiting for dinner)
Foggy_Lighthouse_Sunset_ (Soft lovely sunset)
Framed (Jim and I found this structure that had apparently been abandoned during construction on our way from Todos Santos to La Paz)
Framed Grunge (Jim and I found this structure that had apparently been abandoned during construction on our way from Todos Santos to La Paz)
Gentle_Release_ (Zoe tending the sacred moment)
Goggle_Time_ (Our Christmas dinner restaurant had an infinity pool that many of the family enjoyed)
Heading_Into_the_Sea_At_Sunset_ (Look at how tiny the sea turntle babies are!)
I_m_Going_to_Ride_in_My_Yellow_Boat (I liked the use of selective color here)
Jim_Color_Coordinated (Walking in Todos Santos)
Jim_Ready_to_Climb (At Punto Lobos)
Kelp_Balls_On_Waxmyrtle_Beach (They were huge!)
Kosta_and_Niguelle_Getting_Some_Well_Deserved_Down_Time (Ahhh)
La Paz Pelicans (They were all over the place)
Light_In_the_Fog (I love how the beams cut through the fog)
Long_Rhinoscerous_Nap (Reedit from Wildlife Safari)
Lots Of Wave Action (At Shore Acres at sunset)
Moon_Rising_In_Baja_ (Basil and his family had a lovely ir B and B in Cerritos Beach where we had a lovely dinner the fist day we arrived)
Moon_Through_Saguarro (I got up to make some coffee at our air B and B and had to go back for my camera)
My_Girl_Like_To_Climb_ (A beach hike before I broke my patella)
Night_Before_Christmas_Palm_Tree_Sunset_ (Taken at the property Jasmine lives on)
Niguelle_Testing_the_Water (A bit cold for her taste)
Pelicans_Preening_on_the_Allatraz (As I said, pelicans everywhere!)
Place_To_Rest_Awhile_ (I love the sense of peacefulness)
Race to the Sea (Who will get there first?)
Rachel_Has_a_New_Phone_ (She has a good ye)
Relaxing_in_the_Sunlight (Taking a bit of a nap. We have 3 hummingbirds who have overwintered at our house this year)
Seagull_Taking_in_the_Sunset (At Bob's C)
Sharp_ (From o)
Southview Sunset Clouds (I love clouds like these)
Sunset_Surf_ (In Yachats)
Sunset Surf and Seagull (Shore Acres)
Sunset_Surf_At_Shore_Acres (Shore Acres)
Waiting for Christmas Dinner (1 of 1) copy (Zoe and Kosta enjoying the infinity)
Waiting for Christmas Dinner (1 of 1)
Waiting for Dinner (1 of 1) (Phone is more fun than the pool)
Water Returns To the Sea (1 of 1) (From Wax)
Ysidro_and_His_Rocket_ (He was so excited to lethis cousins know that he had rockets to share with them after dinner. They were a big hit)
Ysidro_Splashing_His_Mom_ (Such fun)

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