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Tahkenitch Thanksgiving Sunrise
Sunrise At Siltcoos Outlet
Stars and Lighthouse Beam SE
Stars and Lighthouse
Pink Salmon Leap
Milky Way Over Bob Creek Wayside
Fishing In Golden Morning Light
Kelp At Sunset
I liked the simplicity here. I had come to this spot to shoot amazing rock formations at sunset, but ended up liking the simplicity of this shot best of all.
Winter Weeds
WInchester Bay Pier and Seagull
Two Salmon Spawning
Tide's Coming In Front of Face Rock
Sunrise Enroute to Coos Bay
Sunrise Behind the Bridge
Steps At Sunset
Siltcoos Dock In Twilight black and white
Path To the Sunset At Bandon Rocks
Past It's Prime
On the Way To Work
November Fuscia
Milky way at Holman Overlook
I went back to this spot many times before I got the shot I wanted
Magic World Under the Pier
This was taken in Winchester Bay on a day when I was hoping for a good sunset but was met with fog and clouds. I like the magical light at the end of the pier
Lines In the Sand At Bandon Rocks
Lemon Flower
Leaping As If My Life Depends On It
Salmon Spawning
Hummer Bringing Me Joy
Golden Hour At Bandon Rocks
Fog At the Winchester Bay Bridge As the Sun Goes Down
Double Leap
Salmon Spawning
Dellenbach Dunes November black and white
Dawn Breaks Over the Fog
Cloudy Day At the Marina
Bandon Rocks At Twilight
Apocolypse At Bandon Rocks
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